Case Studies

A proven track record in performance

When our clients achieve their goals we achieve ours. Whether through coaching, training or consulting we are proud of the difference we've made for the people we've worked with. 

Communicating strategy with confidence

Global FMCG company

Operationally-focused managers promoted into more senior positions lacked the key strategy skills and know-how required to develop, refine and communicate their own strategic plans – limiting their ability to excel in their new leadership roles. This was particularly apparent during the annual planning cycle where this skills gap led to a lack of clarity at more senior levels of the organisation.

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Driving sector-leading ambition into action

Global data company

This organisation was battling declining revenues in the fast changing automotive industry despite having good products and market share. The leadership team lacked a single holistic picture of industry changes and where best to play. This lack of strategic focus and shared market understanding led to an inability to exploit significant revenue generating opportunities.

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Getting managers thinking more strategically

Global technology company

In an increasingly ‘globalised’ world, it was recognised that operational managers needed to ‘think bigger’ – possessing the strategic capabilities to see opportunities across their own and their customers’ organisations. However, this global organisation felt that their existing learning providers were unable to deliver the MBA level skills development required.

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Embedding a fit for purpose culture

Growing FMCG company

This small but rapidly growing, values-driven FMCG  business aspired to be as forward thinking with its 'people agenda' as it was commercially. It wanted to develop and nurture a culture that prioritised continuous improvement and the wellbeing of its staff. However, hiring a full time HR leader was not yet viable but remained a priority.

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Guiding a pioneering insurtech business

Insurtech company

The founders were early to recognise the opportunity that IoT technologies could bring to the insurance industry, which, despite being worth billions, remains largely driven by historical information. The challenge was identifying which markets and models to pursue given the sheer scale of the opportunity - and developing a compelling proposition and strategic plan.

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Instilling high performance team practices

Global energy leader

This newly formed and rapidly expanding team were tasked with the delivery of a truly pioneering innovation, working under significant pressure and uncertainty. As the team grew in size and complexity, leaders recognised the need to focus on developing the performance, dynamic and culture of the team to help ensure that the ambitious plans were delivered.

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Engineering organisational behaviour change

Premium car producer

Entering the most fast-moving industrial revolution in history, with ever-more discerning customers, this premium car producer needed all 40,000 employees to be passionate and engaged in the company’s vision. To attract, retain and motivate such a workforce, they wanted to create an experience that inspired their employees at all levels to put customers first, thinking and acting with shared purpose and principles.

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