Guiding a Pioneering Insurtech Business

Startup insurtech company



The founders were early to recognise the opportunity that IoT technologies could bring to the insurance industry, which, despite being worth billions, remains largely driven by historical information. The challenge was identifying which markets and models to pursue given the sheer scale of the opportunity - and developing a compelling proposition and strategic plan.



Charlie supported the founders of this pioneering start-up from conception to activation (through several iterations of the proposition and market fit), and through multiple-funding rounds – and a key pivot – to the current position of 75+ international staff and a global customer base. Over an 8+ year period, Charlie’s roles include advising the CEO, developing strategy and plans, working directly with clients and investors and coaching the leadership team – providing an objective, strategic voice and safe pair of hands.



Mandarin helped to accelerate growth and continuously improve performance of the business and the leadership team. They are now a globally recognised pioneer in their industry, Series B funded, with a high performance leadership team built with a combination of external hires and nurtured talent.

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