The power of people

Great things start happening when people find their purpose and perform at their peak.  We help people see possibilities, take action and reach their potential.

What we're all about

Unlocking potential, raising performance


Clear Direction

Getting you clear on your strategy, thinking critically and constructively, being innovative and future oriented, and enabling more effective decision making.


Goal Driven

Helping you set and relentlessly strive for meaningful goals; seeking feedback, managing setbacks; maintaining mental toughness and embodying a growth mindset.


Fully Engaged

Prioritising your well-being, seeking positive experiences; applying strengths; better connections by developing social and emotional skills; acting with purpose in all pursuits

How we work

A combined approach



Learning the right way by ensuring individual and shared goals are set and achieved


Allowing change and ongoing learning by creating the right strategy and culture for you


Instilling a shared understanding of important evidence-based principles and concepts

Our Most Popular Training courses

Discover the definitions, misconceptions and a five step approach to developing and launching successful strategies.

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An exploration of how we can all build our resilience levels through proactive and deliberate routines and actions.

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A practical guide to having consistently better quality conversations, based on proven psychological concepts.

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Who are the Mandarinos?

Like the A-Team but easier to find

At the start of each engagement we assemble a core team of experts, drawing on their unique skills, industry knowledge and wealth of experience to deliver real value and ensure success.

Charlie Curson

Strategy and Performance

Chief Mandarin, dynamic coach and strategist with a proven track record for driving high performance in organisations, teams and individuals.

Purpose: To help you realise your potential, plan for success and smash your goals.

Weapon of choice: An arsenal of anecdotes for every occasion.

Weakness: An unhealthy (but useful) obsession with Lego.

Karen Callaghan

People and Culture

An experienced coach and developer, Karen is passionate about the process of learning, whether it be to dial up performance or shift culture.

Purpose: Helping people to work, lead and live better.

Weapon of choice: Disarming northern candour and a catalogue of concepts.

Weakness: Naïve optimism about what can be achieved in a day.

Steve Williams OBE

Teams and Behaviour

Double Olympic Gold medallist and four times World Champion rower. Accelerates teams to the next level with high performance practices.

Purpose: Help leaders and teams discover the confidence to perform at their peak.

Weapon of choice: Unwavering belief in human potential.

Weakness: A sucker for extreme temperature challenges.

Jack Milner

Persuasion and Communication

A serial comedy, film and theatre creator, he explains how to take dry, technical info and make it clear, memorable and engaging.

Purpose: Arming you with the tools to influence, persuade and engage, having a laugh along the way.

Weapon of choice: A killer punchline.

Weakness:Twice daily compost checking obsession.

Sally Curson

Psychologist - Positivity & Wellbeing

A psychologist, designer and deliverer of training programmes, advisor on all things people, wellbeing and development.

Purpose: To help improve your performance and wellbeing.

Weapon of choice: A well timed coaching question and a water based analogy.

Weakness: Prone to taking trips down a random rabbit holes.

Stuart Harris

Brand and Design

A multi-disciplined, highly creative individual who is passionate about finding simple design solutions to complex problems.

Purpose: Helping organisations authentically articulate their purpose to create meaningful relationships.

Weapon of choice: A half chewed pencil and a scrap of paper.

Weakness: Absolutely no sense of rhythm.

Dickie Farrelly

Crisis Management and Decision Making

A Naval Officer that applies military leadership and high performance methods to business organisational challenges and opportunities.

Purpose: To build individual character and foster positivity and trust in teams.

Weapon of choice: Doing the right thing even when no-one is watching.

Weakness: DIY - if the task involves tools it won't end well

Simon Owen

Strategy and Market Analysis

A strategy and business transformation master specialising in developing and implementing propositions and go-to-market approaches.

Purpose: To help you execute tough strategic decisions with confidence.

Weapon of choice: A ninja researcher and  spreadsheet manipulator.

Weakness: Forgets that he's no longer 22 (especially on the football pitch)

Freddie Tilbrook

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

An innovator and entrepreneur with a passion for designing, trialling and launching new human experiences.

Purpose: Create islands of innovation - to create, trial and evolve ideas ready to sell into corporate leadership.

Weapon of choice: Insight from customers, employees and tech to generate exciting and feasible ideas.

Weakness: Unwavering belief that anything is possible.

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