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Getting managers thinking more strategically

Global technology company



In an increasingly ‘globalised’ world, it was recognised that operational managers needed to ‘think bigger’ – possessing the strategic capabilities to see opportunities across their own and their customers’ organisations. However, this global organisation felt that their existing learning providers were unable to deliver the MBA level skills development required.



Mandarin partnered with a senior London Business School tutor to design and pilot an engaging, interactive ‘mini MBA’ based around a core set of strategy models and approaches, all brought to life through case studies and the facilitator's first-hand experiences working with clients across the globe.



Universally positive feedback to the pilot in Europe led to its inclusion in the organisation's global business education programme. It’s success sparked interest at a more senior level which led Mandarin to coach individuals (including one very high ranking individual) and design and facilitate workshops internationally for global leadership teams.
The ‘mini MBA’ continues to be delivered to operational managers and leaders across the globe helping them to develop their strategic skills and mindset and give confidence to those leading and managing complex change initiatives. Mandarin has since developed an equivalent session focused on Organisational Culture and is actively involved in a range of coaching, facilitation and strategic advisory roles at the most senior levels of the business.

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