Critical thinking is often more subconscious than it is conscious and deliberate - yet good critical thinking approaches and processes can be taught.

Using the ‘RED model of Critical Thinking’ to explore how you ‘think about your thinking’ – recognising assumptions, evaluating arguments and developing recommendations.

Discover how we can make better, more effective decisions, and to be more comfortable in constructively challenging our own and other people's thinking; surfacing and challenging assumptions, and putting forward more robust, insight driven arguments.


To be better able to challenge existing thinking - our own and others peoples - being more aware of assumptions, preconceptions and bias.


To understand and evaluate the right level of analysis required to form a 'good enough' judgement or opinion (in the time available).


To reach the best & most effective conclusion to make a decision - demonstrating clear and objective rational.

Explores a range of interesting subjects from how we identify and surface assumptions, to cognitive bias to assessing our decision making


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